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Blue Paphos Initiative

October 2021

This is an open call to all active citizens in Paphos, to join the formation and the establishment of a local coalition in support of healthy marine ecosystems.

  • WHY

Paphos District has the longest and more diverse coastline in Cyprus. Healthy marine ecosystems provide services that benefit local society in many ways.

  • HOW​

Establish a non-Governmental, non-for profit Organisation, with a focus on local Blue Economy and Sustainable Blue Growth​

  • WHAT

​Climate Change, Overfishing, Pollution,  Sustainable Blue Economy

Express your interest with a short paragraph on your views regarding the marine environment in Paphos Area

We will coordinate the effort and soon organise a meeting to discuss further.

At this initial stage, we need people with time and recourses who are willing to contribute as Founding Members

Blue Paphos Initiative: Research
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