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OceanGate Expeditions

Explore the ocean like never before. Join an undersea expedition and discover the world under the waves.

OceanGate Expeditions is focused on the pure exploration of the undersea world. OceanGate Expeditions has assembled a team of undersea explorers, scientists, and filmmakers who are dedicated to manned exploration of the deep ocean and who bring their passion, skills and financial resources to attack this challenge. Not satisfied with scratching the surface of the ocean near the shoreline, OceanGate Expeditions uses manned submersibles to create expeditions at depths far deeper than can be reached with

SCUBA. OceanGate Expeditions conducts undersea expeditions to explore and document the 95% of the seafloor that man has rarely visited. These missions include research on iconic shipwrecks, hydrothermal vents, deep sea canyons, and rare biological events around the world. These expeditions, to depths approaching 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), provide rare opportunities to observe the mysteries of the deep sea and expand our understanding of the deep-sea here on Earth.

OceanGate Inc. was founded in 2009 as a privately owned company to open the oceans using advanced manned submersibles.

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We are the industry leader in the safe operation of manned submersibles for hallow and deep-water applications. OceanGate has invested significant resources in the research, development and manufacturing of the next generation of manned submersibles for commercial, scientific and military projects.

The use of Titan for the Titanic Survey Expedition is a monumental milestone in our effort to challenge the status quo, open the oceans, and gain a better understanding of the unknown world through technology, innovation, and adventure.



Titan is the world’s only 5-crewmember submersible to survey the RMS Titanic at 3,800 meters (12,500 feet). The state-of-the-art vessel designed and engineered by OceanGate Inc., made its subsea debut in 2018 following over four years of development, engineering, testing, and construction. Through the innovative use of modern materials Titan is lighter in weight and more cost-efficient to mobilize than any other deep-diving submersible.

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Cyclops 1 is a five-person submersible capable of reaching depths up to 500 meters (1,640 feet). Not only has Cyclops 1 been used to carry out dozens of research projects, expeditions and training dives, but it also served as a fully functional prototype throughout the development of Titan, where it was used as a test platform for software, technology and equipment.

Meet Cyclops

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