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Jellyfish in Aquarium


Proposed Actions

Overall, the Projects, or just the Actions within the vision to protect and sustainably manage marine ecosystems, is presented in this section

Projects: Products
Image by sporlab


Blue Team #BlueTeam is a runner's team that participates local and international marathon and running events.
Blue Team currently prepares for participation in Paphos Marathon and the Classic Marathon in Athens.

Image by rigel


We want to remove from coastal ecosystems, the invasive long-spined Sea Urchin, and use its venom in the development of anti-cancer drugs and promote the consumption of the delicacy uni, urchin chaviar. 

triton reef.jpg


We want to propose the integration of technological innovation and scientific achievements, into the luxury world of Super Yachts, by promoting the use of submarines, robots and alternative leisure activities, combined with Sea Protection and sustainable, regenerative marine ecosystem management.

Fishing Net


We want to promote sustainable consumption of fish and fisheries products. Sustainable seafood and certification of the local products, ensure the sustainable management of fisheries resources and activities, within protected areas and by professionals and recreational fishermen. We also aim to increase the percentage of no-take zones and the reduction of fishing pressure, as a climate adaptation and mitigation strategy.

Contact us to discuss project details on the technical or the financial aspect of the Project you are interested to contribute.
Use this space to contact us about sponsoring and visibility opportunities, or to develop together a Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Strategy.

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